Grumpy Witch Reborn Part 1

It’s been quite some time since we updated our dev blog, and for that, I’d like to take a quick moment to apologize to you all. Now, not to worry because the team has been heads down and hard at work since our last blog post. With this post, however, I thought we’d do a basic introduction for myself and then a small update in regards to a few areas of GW.

Who are you?

First things first, I need to introduce myself. I’m Ciara, and I’m the new Community and Media head here at Pixel Constructor. I wear a few hats on the team, but the most important one to me is the hat that says I get to interact with and engage with all you wonderful people.

For those wondering about my experience in the Industry however, I’ve got a small list of the projects I’ve worked on,

  • Kerbal Space Program

  • Legends of Aethereus

  • Heliborne

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get back to the nuts and bolts of where Grumpy Witch is as a project.

Please remember that, as usual, most of this is subject to change.

User Interface

A much simpler user interface

A much simpler user interface

First things first, we’ve done a re-design of the User Interface with the intention of streamlining from the previous version of the game. We’ll go over what the coins are for in a different post, but suffice to say they’re a part of gameplay and progression. Outside that, we’ve gone for less of a “Health Bar” approach and decided to move to a much simpler view of Emilia’s health during gameplay.

Animation Update

Emilia’s New Rig

Emilia’s New Rig

Emilia’s rig has also been overhauled from the ground up, which gives us a much smoother and more responsive character in regards to game play than we had previously. This also means that Emilia’s been updated from head to toe. Her new rig is shown here. We’ll showcase some of the animation updates in a different blog in the coming days.

Level Design

We’ve also built new assets, new tile-sets and updated the way we design and implement levels. This is in keeping with our move from some of the previous iterations of the game in which the levels were a bit more standard 2D to a full 2.5D level design outlook. Which, for some of you, you saw way back in a blog post back during May of 2018. With the new tile-sets and the newer 2.5D approach, we can build levels faster, add more verticality, and even do a few other nifty tricks.

New level design for the win!

New level design for the win!

There’s obviously more to go over, but we wanted to get something out to you all. With that being that, stay tuned for more blogs, more updates, a new game-play trailer, et all, to come over the next few weeks.

Oh, and before I go….how’s about a new music track we’ve not shared yet?

Thanks for sticking with us everyone! We’ll see you in the next blog! This is Ciara, signing off.