Grumpy Witch Reborn Part 2

Well, we’re back! As promised, with another dev blog and look at the continuing development of Grumpy Witch. In today’s blog we’re going to go over a second look at the updated UI (yes, even updated from the last blog), and a quick look at our voiced storyline. This blog wont be super long, but we hope you’ll enjoy the read regardless.

User Interface Part 2


So, there’s a few things I’d like to point out in regards to the picture posted above. The first being the far more streamlined Health and Coin Collection UI Element in the top left hand corner of the screen. A few decisions were made here, including removing the frying pan from behind the coin collection element, highlighting the hearts in a bright gold outline while also giving them a brighter shade of red. Lastly, an overall resize of the element to make it not take up as screen-space as the previous element did. Here’s a closer look below,


Eventually, we’ll add some nice animation elements to this to, as well as updating the number display under the coin that shows how many of them you’ve collected so far.


Now, there’s one entirely brand new UI element I’m sure caught your eye, and we’re going to take a closer look at that element now. Now, we’re not quite ready to go in to much detail here, but if you’re wondering what this is for? Well, Emilia will be able to equip different wands and melee items. We’re excited about this, as the wands and melee options should offer up different game-play opportunities. Though, we’re not ready to go over all the options at your disposal yet, that’ll be a dev blog for another day.

Voiced Storyline

This part of the blog is going to be a little bit shorter and more to the point. In this section, we’re going to give you a few small previews of voice lines from the story. That, and a quick look at the Dialog UI concept.


The current plan for the dialog, as you can see in the concept above, is to have an old school popup in the vein of older RPG’s. We’re not quite ready to go in to more detail about this yet, but stay tuned for more!

Voice Lines from Kat Kuhl playing Emilia

You can find out more about Kat Kuhl by following her on twitter:

Voice Lines from Sandra Espinoza playing Fonelle

You can find out more about Sandra Espinoza by following her on Twitter:

Now, I’d like to leave you all off on a quick note…

Any demo builds of the game that we’ll be sharing in the coming weeks will NOT have the story or voice acting implemented yet. This is still in production and is going to take quite some time. So, please just bear that in mind. That being said, I really hope you’ve enjoyed today’s look at Grumpy Witch, stay tuned for more coming next Friday!